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Our long-range, Captain’s Choice fishing trip is by far the most popular trip offered! When booking the Captain’s Choice, you can expect a full day of fishing and going the distance to get away from local fishing grounds. Our Captain’s Choice offers a variety of fishing and based on what’s productively running. This is the only trip offered in Homer where you get to customize the fishing day based on best fishing opportunity! Whether you are wanting to focus the day on targeting larger halibut or spend the day targeting various species such as, salmon, rockfish or lingcod- this Alaska trophy fishing trip is the best option on giving you the full fishing experience!

alaska trophy fishing
Alaska Trophy Fishing
alaska trophy fishing
Alaska Trophy Fishing

Trip Details | Alaska Trophy Fishing

Preparing for a guided Alaska trophy fishing trip is more than just reeling in your dream fish. It is an opportunity to engage with the wilderness like never before. Guided by our experienced crew, we'll spend the day fishing away from local fishing holes, giving anglers the opportunity to target larger species. The anticipation as you cast your line into the deep, icy-blue waters, the thrill of the fight as you reel in your catch, and the sheer awe as you come face-to-face with the catch of a lifetime, are all part of the Alaska trophy fishing experience. Here are a few key take aways for your upcoming trip:


  Trip Duration: 8-10 hours | Due to distance and targeting larger fish, anglers should expect for a full day of fishing.
  Cost Per Angler: $500 | Additional $50 for Ling-Cod (require further travel time)
  Available Species: Halibut, King Salmon, Silver Salmon, Rockfish, Pacific Cod and Ling Cod.

What's Included

Experienced Captain Included

To take the guesswork and boat driving off your hands!

All Fishing Gear Included

This includes all bait, tackle, and tournament grade rods/ reels.

Life-Vests Included

Per USCG regulations, we carry certified life-vests on board for anglers to use in the event of an emergency, or for comfort throughout the day! For children and infants, we recommend grabbing an appropriate size from the "Kids DO NOT Float" stand at the bottom of the ramp, before heading to our vessel.

Restrooms Included

Both of our 6- passenger vessels have restrooms on board!

Fish Cleaning Included

At the end of your trip, we will clean your fish for you and get it ready for you to take to get processed. This includes all filleting and bagging of fish. Processing is a separate service and we recommend using Homer Fish Processing.

What's Not Included

Fishing Licenses Not Included

Each angler must purchase a current AK Fishing License from either online at the ADFG website or from a local sporting store. Harvest cards are needed for Out-Of-State anglers under the age of 16 and all Residents with Permanent fishing licenses.

Lunches + Beverages Not Included

While we do stock waters on board, we ask that guests bring their own snacks, lunches, and beverages of choice. For those of age, alcohol is permitted and preferred to be glass free for safety measures.

Weather Gear Not Included

Due to the variety in guest's taste and style, we do not supply rain gear of any kind. Therefore, we suggest guests come prepared with such items for their day of fishing.

Testimonials | Alaska Trophy Fishing

Get Off The Mainland | Alaska Trophy Fishing

With incredible scenery and access to Alaska's wildlife, you'll want to put the phones down and camera's up! This incredible experience will not only give you the chance to bring home your fresh catch of the day, but it'll also be one of the most memorable moments to really take in all of what Alaska has to offer. Get ready to loose service and dive into the wild!

   No Cell Service For This Experience

   Get Ready For Incredible Photo Ops!

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Before You Book | Things To Consider


When it comes to fishing, there are a few things to consider before purchasing a trip from any Homer Halibut charter service. The first and most important, is that while you are hiring an experienced local guide to put you on the best spots, it's impossible to know ahead of time if you'll retrieve limits or desired size. To help with reassurance, we can say that our crew is phenomenal and reading reviews prior to booking is the best way to select the charter best for you!

Secondly, in the event you do not rent the boat exclusively, we work hard to book guests with alike personalities and desired goals. While it's not guaranteed everyone will love everyone, it's never been a problem for our guests in the past and in fact, more often than not, we end up seeing life-long friendships developed!

Lastly, being family owned means that we remain hands-on with every interaction and experience that occurs with our team. With that being said, we work hard to ensure a quality and fun trip and more importantly, we want to hear about it! After your trip is complete, please feel free to reach out to us and let us know how we did! Like we said from the beginning, guests that step onto our boats, are returned to the docks as family! See you out on the water!