Alaska Rockfish

Alaska Rockfish | Things To Know

If you love fast-paced biting action, then adding Alaska rockfish onto your halibut fishing charter is the perfect addition! Every year, thousands of anglers flock to these waters in search of this delicious seafood delicacy. The mild flavor and firm texture make it one of the most sought-after fish species in the region. There are several different varieties of Alaskan rockfish to catch too! Whether you’re looking for a tasty meal or an unforgettable adventure, fishing for rockfish in Alaska is sure to provide both!

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halibut vs flounder

Halibut vs. Flounder

Ah, the burning question we get asked from a majority of anglers: Halibut or flounder? Whether you’re a novice angler or a seasoned pro, trying to differentiate between halibut and flounder can be tricky. To help anglers better understand the two species, we’ve compiled this comprehensive blog post reviewing both, with tips on characteristics, habitat, and fishing opportunities. Whether you're fishing on your own or booking a halibut fishing charter, these tips will help you along the way!

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shipping fish from Alaska

Shipping Fish From Alaska

After days of halibut fishing in Alaska, what is the best way to get your fish home? This is, by far, one of the most common questions we get every season. Shipping fish from Alaska can seem daunting, but with the right tips and proper packaging, getting your fish home will be easier to plan ahead of time! Here, we dive into processing your catch, having it packaged, and ways to get it home!

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halibut weight chart

Halibut Weight Chart

There's nothing more satisfying that bringing home your fresh catch for dinner. From reeling in and seeing your fish appear from water and onto a boat is an exciting experience! Looking down at your fish, it's not uncommon to begin wondering how much fish you're going to be bringing home? This is the most common question we get from our clients and we're here to breakdown the math to make it easier! Below, we explore live weight vs. dressed weight, review halibut sizing based on length, and working with a processor to ensure quality.

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Homer halibut fishing

Best Time To Fish In Alaska

You're holding on for dear life, reeling as fast as you can! You shout "color!" to the others on the boat and in a moments notice, your catch is flopping on the deck, wild and free no more! Moments like these are the very reason anglers from around the world travel to Alaska to fish! Not to mention there's a high probability the fish you just caught is larger than you! With limited months in the summer to travel, you may be wondering what the best time to fish in Alaska is? Whether you're looking to fish for halibut, salmon or all the above, picking the right dates can give you the best opportunity for success. Here, we explore your options and dive into the best time to fish in Alaska.

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types of salmon in alaska

Types of Salmon in Alaska

Salmon are one of the most intriguing fish in the world! With a life cycle of only 1-5 years, salmon feed and thrive in preparation for a single life event- spawning. Salmon are not only nutritious, but they are also vital to our eco-systems and to our way of life as Alaskans! Here we explore the top three types of salmon in Alaska that are most sought after and the fun facts about the life of a salmon!

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fishing homer alaska

Fishing Homer Alaska

When I think of Homer, Alaska, I think of all the incredible adventures offered in the great outdoors! From kayaking and bear viewing to hiking to glaciers and camping in forestry cabins, Homer offers so much to outdoor enthusiasts. Above all, our favorite outdoor adventures is fishing Homer, Alaska. With Homer being the Halibut Capitol of the World, it only makes sense to experience what it’s like to fish these bountiful waters! Here, we explore fishing opportunities, choosing a charter, and preparing for your trip.

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Ice fishing Alaska

Ice Fishing Alaska

Alaska is widely known for beautiful scenery, wildlife, and especially fishing! When the summer season comes to an end and the winter snow starts to fall, what’s available for fishing? For the adventurers and avid anglers, ice fishing in Alaska is a sport that will keep your spirits up and reels cranking! Here within, we explore species available, best locations to try and local tips.

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Alaska Salmon Fishing

Homer Alaska Fishing

Traveling to Alaska this season? While “The Last Frontier” offers a wide variety of outdoor adventures and sightseeing, Homer Alaska fishing is definitely a thrilling adventure you’ll want to add to your list! From being the Halibut Capital of the world to fishing salmon, rockfish and lingcod, Homer has it all. Check out the scoop on booking your next Homer Alaska fishing charter below!

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Winter King Fishing

Homer Alaska Winter King Fishing

With the ice starting to break and the harbor opening up, Homer charter boats are prepping for one of the biggest fishing days in Homer- The Annual Winter King Fishing Tournament! As March 18th approaches, the excitement and anticipation bring crowds and avid anglers every season to our quaint little harbor town to get their boats out early and gear prepped! If you’re like us, you know this day marks the start of our fishy Alaskan Summer!

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