Scenic Wildlife + Brunch Tour

Kachemak Bay Wildlife Viewing

Set out from Homer, Alaska and explore the wildlife and scenery of Kachemak Bay on board our scenic nature tour. Our boat tours provide an opportunity to explore the natural beauty of Alaska, from the stunning mountains and glaciers to the wildlife of Kachemak Bay. While touring, you'll have the opportunity to experience the breathtaking beauty of Alaska's majestic mountains, glaciers, marine wildlife such as sea birds and sea otters, and of course, whales!

This isn't just any wildlife viewing tour though... We offer a unique experience that goes beyond simply whale watching, where we include brunch from a locally family-owned diner located in the remote town of Seldovia, giving you a true Alaskan experience! Our tours are designed to be enjoyable for all ages and give you the chance to take in all that this region has to offer.

Our Scenic Wildlife + Brunch Tour Features:


  Fully guided
  Opportunity to explore remote Alaska
  Marine wildlife viewing opportunities
  Private tours with only 6 guests
  Comfortable vessel with full amenities
  Brunch in Seldovia, Alaska
  Trip length: 4-6 hours

Alaska Wildlife Viewing - Let’s Explore

Get off the mainland this Summer and dive into the beauty of remote Alaska!

Kachemak Bay Wildlife Viewing

Our tour begins from the Homer Harbor via our vessel the M/V Sweet T! From here, we embark upon remote coves and shoresides where we will see stunning landscapes of mountains and glaciers. Along the way, you'll get the opportunity to view our marine wildlife in their natural habitat. If this doesn't sound relaxing enough- just wait for brunch! As we tour along the coast across Kachemak Bay, we will stop in a small town known as Seldovia.

Seldovia, Alaska is a charming small town located across the bay from Homer, Alaska. It is known for its stunning views of Kachemak Bay and its picturesque harbor front, which make it an ideal destination for nature lovers. From fishing to hiking and kayaking, there are plenty of outdoor activities available in Seldovia, as well as many interesting cultural sites to explore and great food to eat! With its unspoiled beauty and rich history, Seldovia is truly a special place that will leave you with lasting memories.

Join us for an unrivaled experience of Alaskan beauty, wildlife, and learning with our scenic nature tours!

M/V Sweet T Features:


  6-Passenger Vessel
  32Ft Bayweld
  Heated Enclosed Cabin
  Full Restroom
  Comfortable Viewing Deck
  Coffee ALLLL Day
  Captain + First Mate
Scenic Wildlife Brunch Tour
Scenic Wildlife Brunch Tour

Homer Halibut Fishing

Eco-friendly and Knowledgeable Guides

Our tours give you the opportunity to explore Kachemak Bay and learn about its unique ecosystem. Our expert guides provide insights about the diverse marine life and local habitats that surround us. You can witness the breathtaking landscapes of mountains, volcanoes and glaciers that are an integral part of Kachemak Bay, and learn about their formation and significance. In addition to being knowledgeable and experienced, our guides are also committed to providing eco-friendly and sustainable tours that are respectful to the environment. We're proud to incorporate sustainable products and supporting local businesses along the way!

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Locally Owned + Operated


A benefit to touring with our team at D&G Charters is that we are local! Not only are we residents to Alaska, but we also live locally in Homer year round. Homer, Alaska is one of the most beautiful places Alaska has to offer. This quaint town of about 4,000 residents offers travelers a sense of being at a home away from home. Our little town is home to some of the best eateries , artistic trends, and most importantly, community support for local businesses!

Whether you're looking to shop, eat at local eateries, or jump on board with us locals, you'll find that Homer is a rich community full of amazing people! We take pride in being "Homerites" and welcome you to our beautiful home town.

For Those Who Like To Fish and More...

Fishy Business...

Every season, we make it a goal to keep updated with what's going on in our industry and locally in Homer. Here you will find information not only about Homer halibut, but also the ins and outs of local recommendations. Stay looped in with updated Homer news here.