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COVID-19 continues to test humanity across the globe.  During this time of unknown, we wanted to take a moment to touch base with guests and travelers alike. Additionally, we want to inform those affiliated with us about our stance on this upcoming Charter season here in Alaska. 

Heading into our charter season created a lot of excitement, as we have continued to grow over the years. Our growth has been exciting and due to our guests who continue to visit us year after year! With COVID-19 on the rise, it’s hard to see ahead to view what our Summer will look like. We understand that those who planned to travel are affected and need to make sudden changes. 

As we head into our Halibut fishing season, we have decided to collectively pause our charters until June 1st. We appreciate those who have worked with us to move their schedules around and those who helped us with making this decision. It was not an easy one to make, but when we look at the direction this is going, it’s best to prepare for a little extra time on our end as a business and for the care of our guests.


Moving Forward


As we near June, we will have the chance to review the status of COVID-19 and work with guests visiting us then to make proper arrangements. 

While many uncertainties remain within the travel community, we’re committed to keeping our heads up and getting through this together. As a positive outlook, we hope to see ourselves become stronger not only as individuals in our environment but also as a community. 

For more information on charter status or questions, please feel free to reach out to us directly at or via our office cell at 907.435.4019. 


Additional resources: 

Alaska Department of Health Services


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Covid-19 Update




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