In addition to halibut fishing, Alaska is home to some of the most diverse large game in North America, especially when it comes to moose populations! Every year, thousands of hunters make their way to Alaska's majestic wilderness with the hopes of getting a chance to hunt these magnificent animals. Like any hunt, hunting moose, especially, requires both skill and patience as they inhabit remote areas with diverse terrain. Our goal is to help hunters prepare for a successful Alaska moose hunt. Here, we dive into understanding their habits and behaviors, as well as proper gear needed!

Habitat + Food Sources | Alaska Moose Hunt

Alaska is home to one of the largest moose populations in North America and they inhabit a wide variety of habitats. Depending on where you choose to hunt, moose can be found in boreal forests, tundra, muskeg wetlands, and even dry areas such as open meadows or grasslands. They prefer areas with plenty of browse (trees, shrubs, aquatic plants). You'll also find moose surrounding fresh water sources for drinking.

Moose also have an omnivorous diet that consists mostly of vegetation. They feed on buds, twigs, leaves from trees and shrubs, as well as, aquatic plants like pondweed, which provide essential minerals and nutrients to their diets.

When choosing your Alaska moose hunt location, we highly recommend researching the terrain and local habitat. Understanding the animal's habitat and food sources, prior to a hunt, give you the best opportunity for a successful hunt.

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Alaska Moose Hunt
Alaska Moose Hunt
Alaska Moose Hunt

Gear Prep | Alaska Moose Hunt

Hunting for large game animals in Alaska requires special gear that is both rugged and reliable. From clothing to firearms, hunters must be prepared for the harsh conditions of the Alaskan wilderness with quality gear designed specifically for hunting moose and other large game species.

  • Layering clothing can help protect you from the cold weather while ensuring you remain comfortable during long days spent out in the field.
  • Sturdy footwear is also essential, as you'll be hunting various terrains during your Alaska moose hunt.
  • Ensuring that your firearm is capable of taking down a large animal like a moose at range is vital for a successful hunt.

Other important pieces of equipment include:

  • Binoculars and spotting scopes which allow you to identify your target from afar
  • Knives and other tools used for processing your harvest after a successful hunt.
  • Trekking poles are especially helpful when your pack is full by offering additional stability.
  • Gaiters have been a lifesaver for hunting in and out of wet conditions.
  • Rain gear is vital for any hunt in Alaska.

With all these pieces of specialized gear, hunters can be assured they have everything they need to take on an Alaskan big game adventure!

DIY or Guided

When it comes to hunting moose in Alaska, there are two main options: DIY (Do-It-Yourself) hunts and guided hunts. While both offer a unique adventure and the potential for harvesting delicious meat, there are some key differences between them that should be considered before deciding which is right for you.

  • DIY hunts require more preparation and knowledge of the terrain, as well as specialized gear designed specifically for hunting large game animals like moose.
  • Guided hunts provide an experienced guide who can help with scouting locations, tracking, navigation and other important aspects of a successful hunt.

Both types of hunt offer their own rewards, but what's best for you will depend on your skill level and experience with big game hunting. Prior to booking your Alaska moose hunt, we highly recommend reaching out to operations that offer both services. This will help you to gain insight on what's offered and allow you to make the best choice on which hunting option is right for you!

As a reminder: Alaska's regulations vary from resident to non-resident hunter and from each unit! Always check with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game for additional resources and regulations.



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