Kodiak, Alaska is a very unique place to be and more so to hunt. The country is vast, full of opportunity, and most of all… wild. I remember when I first went to Kodiak in 2016 for my first hunt and being amazed at everything around me. Kodiak has this effect on everyone, regardless of how many times you hunt it. Even more so, there’s something about hunting Kodiak Alaska that brings people together and gives a sense of purpose in harvesting food from the field. From roughing thru the terrain and getting alpine to hauling your kill out, Kodiak will definitely make you work for it! Within, we explore the types of hunts you can do, species available and making sure you have the right gear for it all

Hunting Kodiak Alaska | Hunting Opportunities

Hunting Kodiak Alaska gives you several opportunities for hunting! The most important is to choose whether a transporter or guide is best for you. Below are some pros and cons to both options:

Hunting Kodiak Alaska via Guide

Guided hunts provide hunters the opportunity to hunt Kodiak, Alaska with someone who is experienced and knowledgeable of the terrain and wildlife, as it’s an extensive process to become a registered guide (usually 10+ years). Guided hunts are great for those who seek that additional attention and prefer to utilize their expertise. In some cases, such as being a non-resident, to hunt brown bear or goats, you are required by law to hire a guide for your hunt.


  • Fully guided experience
  • Accommodations and food are usually included
  • Usually focuses on specific species that require a guide by law- brown bears and goats
  • Can assist in the field with hunters


  • Extremely expensive (think around $10k and more)
  • Can be restricted to certain areas
  • Can re restricted on species due to guide location


Hunting Kodiak Alaska via Transporter

Transported hunts provide hunters the opportunity to hunt Kodiak, Alaska with a “do-it’ yourself” aspect. This option is great for both beginner and experienced hunters who thrive on hitting the ground running on your own terms. These hunts require a mode of transportation, usually a vessel or boat, to and from the field. The most common is by vessel. Transporters who use vessels for hunters give you the option to have accommodations and food aboard, making this a more all-inclusive option. Transporters that use planes for hunters will drop you off and pick up when requested.

The most important thing to note about a transporter is that unlike guides, transporters CANNOT inform you in any way of where to hunt or assist you in the field, other than picking up and dropping off. This requires that you have prior knowledge of the hunting areas and can adequately hunt in the field.


  • DIY Experience
  • Cost efficient (far less than a guided experience)
  • Accommodations and food are usually included with vessel transportation
  • Not restricted to specific locations with availability to move around (excludes restricted hunting grounds- private/ Native)
  • Offers a variety of species for hunting due to being able to transport to different areas
  • Can be a shared experience or private


  • DIY Experience (not for those who want to be assisted)
  • Cannot be assisted in the field or instructed on where to hunt, etc
  • Cannot be utilized if you are non-resident wanting to hunt brown bear or goat (must use guide)


Hunting Kodiak Alaska
Hunting Kodiak Alaska
Hunting Kodiak Alaska

Hunting Kodiak Alaska | Let’s Talk Gear Prep

It’s time to hunt! Your feet hit the ground and now you’ve entered this wild terrain! From start to finish, you’ll find yourself in and out of thick brush, while muscling thru 5ft plus alders towards a variety of opportunity at hiking to the peaks! For avid hunters, this is the dream. For those who are easy-going hunters, don’t let this deter you, as Kodiak is one of the most rewarding hunts to experience and offers a variety of hunting opportunity from the beach to the peaks!

Within such a wild terrain that differs at every location, it’s important to make sure you’re geared up! Below are the 10 items that we cannot live without when hunting Kodiak Alaska.

We cannot stress it enough to have a solid performing set of rain gear. Weather in Alaska is always changing and having a quality set has saved us many times.
The second best advice we can give it to make sure you have a solid boot that is used for steep trekking (think sheep!) and waterproof! You’ll be up and down mountains and in and out of water when hunting Kodiak Alaska. Make sure you have a quality boot that protects your ankles and gives you support when hitting the peaks.
You’ll be thankful you purchased these! Always plan on the chance of getting wet when hunting Kodiak Alaska. From exiting a skiff to the beach to crossing various streams while hunting, gaiters will provide that extra protection you need to stay dry.
This is a gimme and we know it, but time and time again, hunters forget them! So just remember to pack them and store them in a waterproof pack while hiking. Pro tip- If you have a bino set that includes the range finder unit in it- it’s less to hike up with and gives you a faster opportunity when getting ready to pull the trigger.
This has been a piece of gear that took us awhile to really hone in on. When hiking, you of course will get warm and may not need them. The biggest benefit, in addition to keeping you hands warm, is for protection! You’ll be hiking thru alders, brush, and the worse- devils club. Having a study glove will definitely help you along the way.
This was a big saver for me particularly and if you are planning on going steep- a good quality set is a must! You’ll be thankful for these when coming down with packed frames as well.
This is a good one, as there have been so many times our knives have broken in the field and we have found ourselves dragging out whole (never ideal in brown bear country)!
If you’re like us, then you’ll be hunting Kodiak Alaska from dawn to dusk. Our favorite are the Peaks dehydrated meals. If you’re open to packing a jet boil, this is a warm and hearty option when hiking the mountain all day.
While this is a gimme as well- always pack a few extras, as hunting Kodiak Alaska gives you the opportunity to harvest a variety of animals.
Not every hunter needs to bring a pistol, but we recommend having at least one within the group for bear protection.. and count on running into bears! While they usually aren’t a problem- only curious, you always want to be prepared! ** We always recommend staying aware of your surroundings and using best judgement. A DLP (defense of life and property) kill should always be your last option, even if it means giving up your kill to prevent killing a bear.**

Hunting Kodiak Alaska | Available Species

Hunting Kodiak gives hunters the opportunity to hunt a variety of animals, while offering some of the world’s best trophy takes for brown bear, mountain goats, deer, and more. In additional to large game and predator hunting, Kodiak also offers some of the best Alaska salmon fishing, in addition to, halibut, rockfish and lingcod! Below are the hunting opportunities, based on residency.

Available hunting includes: Blacktail Deer, Kodiak Brown Bear, Mountain Goats, Elk, Caribou, Fox, Waterfowl, Variety of fishing
Available hunting includes: Kodiak Brown Bear (Guide Required), Mountain Goat (Guide Required), Blacktail Deer, Caribou, Fox, Waterfowl, Variety of fishing

Hunting Kodiak Alaska | License Reminder

As always, we recommend checking with the local Alaska Department of Fish and Game to ensure you have the proper licensing, tags, and hunt information. For non-residents, you’ll need metal locking tags for your large game. Make sure you order in advance!


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